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 <strong>A bit of everything</strong>

<strong>Some things about me</strong>
Name?: Courtney
Nicknames?: Corpsy.
Age?: 18
Eye color?: blue
Hair color?: burgundy
Height?: 5'8''
Zodiac sign?: taurus
Screen name?: Lostgothicbeauty
Why is it that?: idk
Left or right handed?: right
Where were you born?: nj
Where do you live now?: nj
What style would you say you are?: anything i dont really know
Do you have any weaknesses?: yea
Do you have any strengths?: yea
Do you have any goals for this year?: loveee
Do you cuss?: sometimes
Do you like parents?: yea
Your most missed memory?: Lauren....and being with friends
Your memory you want to forget?: ALOT
Thoughts when you first wake up?: whyyy or go away
Do you sing or play a instrument?: flute
Do you want to get married?: yea
Could you live without a microwave?: probably not
Are you happy with your life?: sure
Why?: cuz i am
What would you change or take away?: some stuff
Are you a virgin?: .........
If so, why?: .........
If not when did you lose it?: .........
Are you glad you did?: .............

<strong>Do you believe in...</strong>
Yourself?: sometimes
Goals?: yea
God?: eh
Satan?: eh
Good luck/bad luck?: yea
Sex before marriage?: i'd be a hypocritic if i said no
Underage drinking?: sure
Fairies?: haha yea
Elves?: yea
Aliens?: something
Abortion?: depends its your choice
War?: no
Afterlife?: yea
True love?: yea
Sins?: hah
Ghosts?: afraid
Forgiving people if they say they are sorry?: depends on what
Watching porn?: nope
Smokeing weed should be legal?: hahahahahh

<strong>Do you have...</strong>
A job?: yea
A vehicle?: yea Green rav 4
Any weird traits or skills?: yea
Fears?: yea death
A bedtime?: nope
A cell phone?: yea
A curfew?: nope
Hates?: people....WISCONSIN DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wants?: california..^_^
Goals?: california
Idea of what you want to do with your life?: theatrical stuff
Any kids?: yea
Any pets?: yea
Want to go to college?: yea
For what and where?: theatrical makeup
A good relationship with your parents?: yea
What about your bf/gf?: huh?

Your best friend?: KT...midget
Person you trust most?: Kt..midget
Person you trust least?: someone
Loudest?: midget
Craziest?: theres a few
Shy one?: rae
Smartest?: mel
Sweetest?: all of em
Sexiest?: max...
Youngest?: tayls
Oldest?: kt
Funny one?: hahaha me and kt have our conversations hahah
Lazy one?: all of us
One that parties the most?: idk
One that needs to party?: idk
The most religious?: idk
The least religious?: idk
One you have and don't want?: none
One you couldn't live without?: all of em
Druggie?: idk
Most likely to end up in jail?: none.
Person you have known the longest?: hana
Person you have known the shortest?: devin

<strong>Which one...</strong>
Coke/Pepsi/Serria?: serria
Burger King/Wendy's?: BK
Single or group dates?: depends
Sun/Moon?: moon
Night/day?: night
Cold/hot?: hotttt
Snow/rain?: rain
Motorcycles/bicycles?: bike..
Black/white?: black
Fruit/vegetables?: fruit
TV/movies?: Movies
Car/truck?: car
Cash/check?: cashhh
Rock/rap?: rock
Meat/greens?: meat
Chocolate/vanilla?: chocolate

Are you single?: eh its complicated
Are you seeing a guy or girl?: guy
What's there name?: max
Where did you meet them?: school
What do you think of them?: i love him
Have you kissed each other?: yea
Had sex?: .......
How long did you wait till you did?: ......
Do you live together?: kinda
Do you love each other?: i thought so
Could you love them in the future?: i think
Do you want to have kids with them?: i did want to...
Do they want kids with you?: yea
How long have you been dating?: 2yrs
Are you married or going to be?: idk
What was your first date?: idr
Have you cheated on them?: no
Are you serious or is it just a fling?: serious
Have you ever been in love?: yea
If so, with whom?: max
Would you say you are a heartbreaker?: idontknow

<strong>What is your favorite...</strong>
Music video?: heavens a lie.
Music type?: anything
Band?: lacuna coil
Song?: heavens a lie
Cd cover?: idk
Food?: Steak
Snack?: chips
Candy?: chocolate
Number?: 14
Phrase?: ^^^^
Drink?: sprite
Thing to do in your free time?: drawing....write....
Color?: black
Ice cream?: death by chocolate
Movie?: the phantom of the oepra
Actor?: Gerarld bulter
Actress?: kate beckingsale
Kind of movies?: horror
Fast food place?: taco bellll
Sit down resturant?: doc holidays
Cartoon?: invader zim
TV show?: theres alot
Store?: spencers
Sport?: horseback riding
Cereal?: trixxx

<strong>Have you ever...</strong>
Drank?: yea
Smoked cigarettes?: no
Smoked weed?: no
Done worse drugs?: no
Stole something?: eh
If so what and why?: haha u dont need to know
Talked to someone you didn't know?: yea
Met someone off the internet?: no.
Did you like them?: ...friend.....
Burned a cd?: yea
Ran a red light?: yea
Have you wrecked?: no
How many times and was it your fault?: nada
Gone skinny dipping?: no
Been so drunk you didn't know where you were?: no
Where were you when you found out?: no
Cut yourself?: no
Thrown up on purpose?: yea
Faked sick to get out of school?: yea
Lied cause you knew the truth would hurt more?: yea
Are you a liar anyways?: somtimes...depends on who r u if i like u then no..if i dont then yes..
Kissed someone of the same sex?: no
Done more with someone of the same sex?: no
Danced in the mall?: no
Spit on a bald guy from the second floor of a mall?: ahahha no...but i almost hit a guy in the head with my shoe from the second floor...
Been on stage?: yep
Made out at a movie?: hahah
Stayed out all night long?: yea
Lied to your parents?: yea

<strong>The last...</strong>
Car ride?: 25mins ago
Movie seen?: idk
Movie rented?: evan almighty
Book that you read?: now i am reading Kissing coffins.
Cuss word that you said?: DAMN YOU!
Why did you say it?: wisconsin driver
Time you laughed?: today
Cd you listened to?: my mix
Song you heard?: paramore-my heart
Person to say hi?: jess
Person to kiss you?: max
Person to hug you?: mom
Touch your ass?: idk
Tell you bye?: tayls
Talk to you on the phone?: tayls
See you?: dad
Now how do you fell?: eh

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