gothiquepixi (gothiquepixi) wrote,


SO snowed....
Yesterday was good we went to Eli's Birthday haha played Wii etc etc...
I figured it stopped snowing...during the night..
My GOD was i wrong haha

I went outside in the morning and it was covered..and still snowing i was like AHH 
i went to wipe the windows with the windshield wippers and didnt shut my door and got snow all in iwas like damn...

I drove to Eli's because she didnt have school and yea..
Then WEnt to Jess's and Conquered my Fear of the Huge hill haha i hate driving up that thing its scary.....

we talked .i bought Hot chocolate and a Muffin.. and  A Surpeme Omelette with Sausage and Cheese but it was digusting ext for the sausge haha so i just ate that and threw the rest away....

Then i drove to flemington..and i am going to go by a Pupppy with my mom....
its called a JUG! Jack russel and PUG mix

i wish i was were it was warmm

stupid snow..i love but hate it..

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